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NUD goes to Paris

At Maison & Objet in Paris
We were pleased to present several news for this fall/winter. 

Introducing the expanded product range in NUDs' creative lighting concept. Combine your pendants with these creations that are stylish, smart, fun to use and available for all NUD designs. We want to inspire people to reuse. Sprung from the love of decorating homes.

In Scandinavia, we’ve learned to savour and make full use of the light. More than in many other places. Our dark six months of winter ensure we don’t take the sun for granted, rather, we become connoisseurs of the light when it finally returns. It’s only then that our spirits lift and we can truly understand what’s important in life. Lighting in the home is something we rarely think about, yet it affects us as much as colour and space. We naturally gravitate towards places where the lighting suits our needs and state of mind. Every room requires its own special lighting to create just the right ambience.

NUD is a creative lighting concept which makes you the designer, harnessing the impact of light to lluminate your interiors. The NUD concept draws inspiration from the Scandinavian design tradition, where form and function fuse to form pared-down, naked elegance.

Read more about the new concept 


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Moon Clear

New pendant.

NUD colors

NUD Cord selection

NUD Iron

Updated pendant